Spring is Here

Not that it matters to those residing in the Malay Peninsula where the only temperature changes alternating during the four seasons are hot, artificial cold, hotter and unbearable.

I even forgot about it and was only reminded after I saw pictures of pretty models in floral print dresses on the covers of several magazines.

Feeling cheery on a Thursday morning (since the weekend was nearing), I thought I’ll pay more attention to what people around me were wearing and this became so boring only after 15 minutes.

Bet nobody wants to know what I observed but I really want to share.

1.            Men in sloppy* wear                                     15%

2.            Women in sloppy wear                                 15%

3.            Men in dull office wear                                  30%

4.            Women in dull office wear                           30%


[*My impression of sloppy wear (or casual wear to be more diplomatic): Plain coloured T-shirts (or non-fancy blouses for ladies) + jeans/shorts + flip-flops.]

I even saw one (1) M.I.B (i.e. “man-in(TO)-black”) – black T-shirt, black jeans, black cap, black sling-bag, black sneakers and wearing dark sunglasses (just like those of Will Smith in the movie of the same name) but instead of looking cool, MIB looked like he was dehydrating under the 33 degrees celcius heat.


Result:  My eyes felt so tired I just had to rest them.


My brain was working though and it dawned on me that I may be perceived to fall under categories (2) and (4) most of the time as well, although I would really like to think my look is more casual/natural than sloppy. 


As for the last 10% (minus MIB who is probably an alien), it appears that our female Muslim friends do put in more effort in their attire since all those whom I sighted wore matching tudungs (i.e. head scarves) with their dresses that were rather brightly coloured with interesting designs. They were definitely the highlight of my 15 minutes.


Moreover, not only do the dresses look comfortable with their long, flowy cut, I think that they may actually be great at concealing any unsightly fats and prevent unwanted direct skin contact with strangers packed on public transport during peak hours; the tudungs too actually help to keep the hair clean from dust and dirt. Maybe in time to come, more ladies from other races will be interested to wear similar outfits.


Oh well, I guess ultimately it should be comfort that matters most. Besides, it will just be too much trouble to dress up every day, and since most of us try to avoid unnecessary attention, it seems only appropriate to dress “as per the Romans do in Rome” wherever you are.



You will probably recognize the flamboyant use of color that set Custo Barcelona apart from the very start… Well… now we are offering you an opportunity to grab the latest outfits from the 2010 summer collection at local prices!

I have actually seen some of his cute summer dresses worn paired up with some strappy Pierre Hardy sandals and it looks Gooorgeous! Mix it up with some cute bangles on top of your favorite bikini and you are ready for a day of R&R!

Carolina is here!

As promised… but be fast as these are selling out like Magnolia cup-cakes!

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Whilst not technically Spanish it is time to feature one of the most influential Hispanic designers of all time.  With an immaculate sense of elegance and feminine sensibility Carolina Herrera truly understands how to dress a woman to make her feel confident and classy.

Which is exactly why we are giving you a limited opportunity to buy items such as – the above and the (gorgeous) below –  at sample sale prices! Availability is limited so please stay tuned as we will be posting these stunning pieces very, very soon!!!

Hola Barcelona !

Hola señoras y señores!**

It’s time to do the la bamba all the way to Barcelona in April – the land with the renowned architectural works of Antonio Gaudi and rich cultural heritage.


If you don’t know (!) who Antonio Gaudi is, well…. no need to be ashamed since he was probably not from your era.


BUT if you are ignorant of the famous Spanish fashion brands *gasp*, it’s about time for an education REALLY!


That’s why, the gorgeous Spanish-Bella has so kindly written short features of the absolutely must-know and must-buy (!!) designers in Spain, including Loewe, Tous and Custo Barcelona…

More will soon follow, so email ms.prosh@gmail.com with your purchase orders today!



p.s. For those who would like to know how to pronounce any Spanish words/brands etc, just email your requests to me or leave a note on my “I’m Listening…” page. I promise it will be free-of-charge.

**literal translation being “hello ladies and gentlemen!”

If you have ever watched Sex and the City (and lets face it – it is practically impossible that you haven’t) you will have inevitably been in awe of Carrie and her enviable collection of Manolo’s….

Born in the Canary Islands (Spain), Manolo Blahnik is truly a master.  His shoes are a coveted commodity, an art form in and of themselves and have even made their way into the London Design Museum.

Whilst the more daring of you may choose to emulate one of Carries fun (and full on) ensembles the more conservative ladies out there may just want to add a little bit of flair to a simple black cocktail dress or a tailored suit….With these gems, the possibilities are endless!

Famous for his bold, graphic and quirky designs Custo Barcelona has become emblematic of the city that he loves…mirroring the architectural lines and color schemes of the city, his clothes shout fun and sophistication…grab one of his dresses for a quick transformation for after work drinks or throw on one of his tops for an evening of cinema and din dins… Pair it with some scandalously stunning Manolo Blahniks and you will be oozing sophistication…SALSA anyone?