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Still on the subject of the Indian beauty, a dear friend of mine has recently started a project to support two very talented young Kurtis designers in India.


As a show of support, I have uploaded the initial pictures of the pieces available for sale. They are real cheap (compared to the Hermes, Chanel, Burberry and other big brands!) so if you are looking to reward yourself with some alternative, high-quality, (VERY) affordable ladies fashion, do drop me an email at ms.prosh@gmail.com.


There are approximately 50 different designs for the Kurtis and more pictures will be posted once they are available.

Type of fabric: High-quality PURE cotton

Sizes: range from 38 (S) to 50 (XXL)

Price: S$25 per piece


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To bring a little cheer to your May-day(s) blues, we are now taking “special” purchase requests for LONDON.  


It’s special because no international courier fees will be charged for our loyal bargain-hunters in Singapore, and the service fee will just be 10% of the retail price for your purchase.

Last orders by 6 pm (GMT +8) 21 May 2010 (Friday) please!  


In addition please note that for this month, we will stop taking purchase orders for any US brands/products and those from Puerto Rico after 9 pm (GMT +8) 20 May 2010 (Thursday).


So email us at ms.prosh@gmail.com today before your blues snowball.


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