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Incredible Smile

Before my first trip to India a few months back, a few people were rather keen to share tips on the “dos” and “don’ts” there.  Amongst the advice received, I was warned:


1.            Not to eat any raw food, e.g. salads, cut fruits, juices.


If I want to eat fruits, I should buy them whole and cut them myself.


2.            To only drink bottled water.


A few (they were not paid to act as spokesman) even went further to say that I should only drink “Evian” water.


3.            To only gurgle with bottled water (and not tap water) after brushing my teeth.


When I sneered at this suggestion, this prompted a reminder to do item (4) as well.


4.            To wash my face with bottled water. And close my mouth when I bathe.


I know the above sounds absolutely stupid and over-the-top at first glance, but ‘cautious-me’ could not help complying after the wise gurus who provided the advice correctly predicted – those who fail to abide had to suffer from unstoppable stomach runs or (in serious cases) vomiting and high fever.  


That was the negative and ugly, which is often quick to be highlighted, but I guess there is beauty and the Incredible in India too.    


For me, India’s beauty came through the warm, friendly faces of some helpful Indians I met. Not everyone left good impressions, and those locals who cannot stop talking were especially irritating. But the ‘Incredible Smile’ made the Indian women stunning, even without the adornment of gold jewellery or the draping of colourful saris.


Oh well don’t fret if you are not born with the Incredible Smile. Because Ms Prosh is back to help you with the purchase of any accessories you require to bring out the best in your attire!


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Comfort Zone

It’s good to be home, back in my comfort zone.


The past two months have been somewhat hectic with various travels to Europe, the far-east and various parts of India, thus leaving me with little time to update this blog.


But now that I am back, it means it’s time to get back to business.


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Spring is Here

Not that it matters to those residing in the Malay Peninsula where the only temperature changes alternating during the four seasons are hot, artificial cold, hotter and unbearable.

I even forgot about it and was only reminded after I saw pictures of pretty models in floral print dresses on the covers of several magazines.

Feeling cheery on a Thursday morning (since the weekend was nearing), I thought I’ll pay more attention to what people around me were wearing and this became so boring only after 15 minutes.

Bet nobody wants to know what I observed but I really want to share.

1.            Men in sloppy* wear                                     15%

2.            Women in sloppy wear                                 15%

3.            Men in dull office wear                                  30%

4.            Women in dull office wear                           30%


[*My impression of sloppy wear (or casual wear to be more diplomatic): Plain coloured T-shirts (or non-fancy blouses for ladies) + jeans/shorts + flip-flops.]

I even saw one (1) M.I.B (i.e. “man-in(TO)-black”) – black T-shirt, black jeans, black cap, black sling-bag, black sneakers and wearing dark sunglasses (just like those of Will Smith in the movie of the same name) but instead of looking cool, MIB looked like he was dehydrating under the 33 degrees celcius heat.


Result:  My eyes felt so tired I just had to rest them.


My brain was working though and it dawned on me that I may be perceived to fall under categories (2) and (4) most of the time as well, although I would really like to think my look is more casual/natural than sloppy. 


As for the last 10% (minus MIB who is probably an alien), it appears that our female Muslim friends do put in more effort in their attire since all those whom I sighted wore matching tudungs (i.e. head scarves) with their dresses that were rather brightly coloured with interesting designs. They were definitely the highlight of my 15 minutes.


Moreover, not only do the dresses look comfortable with their long, flowy cut, I think that they may actually be great at concealing any unsightly fats and prevent unwanted direct skin contact with strangers packed on public transport during peak hours; the tudungs too actually help to keep the hair clean from dust and dirt. Maybe in time to come, more ladies from other races will be interested to wear similar outfits.


Oh well, I guess ultimately it should be comfort that matters most. Besides, it will just be too much trouble to dress up every day, and since most of us try to avoid unnecessary attention, it seems only appropriate to dress “as per the Romans do in Rome” wherever you are.


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Hola señoras y señores!**

It’s time to do the la bamba all the way to Barcelona in April – the land with the renowned architectural works of Antonio Gaudi and rich cultural heritage.


If you don’t know (!) who Antonio Gaudi is, well…. no need to be ashamed since he was probably not from your era.


BUT if you are ignorant of the famous Spanish fashion brands *gasp*, it’s about time for an education REALLY!


That’s why, the gorgeous Spanish-Bella has so kindly written short features of the absolutely must-know and must-buy (!!) designers in Spain, including Loewe, Tous and Custo Barcelona…

More will soon follow, so email ms.prosh@gmail.com with your purchase orders today!



p.s. For those who would like to know how to pronounce any Spanish words/brands etc, just email your requests to me or leave a note on my “I’m Listening…” page. I promise it will be free-of-charge.

**literal translation being “hello ladies and gentlemen!”

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Hola señoras y señores !

As said, it’s HoLa BaCeLoNa in April and we are taking purchase orders until the end of April 2010 !

In the spirit of generosity, we will continue to charge just 10% of the total retail price as our service fee for any purchase from Barcelona**. 

If you would like to check the price of any item first before making a purchase order, please email ms.prosh@gmail.com as well. You will be pleased to know that queries are free-of-charge. 


**To any wishful-thinker who might have thought otherwise, please note that you will have to bear the retail price of the purchase item and the courier fees/import taxes levied as well. 


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You are the KING

To attract YOU (please don’t doubt your importance as I truly believe that YOU + your CASH are the king here) to read this blog and to possibly try out the ProSh service, this blog will be updated frequently and the highlights will include:


1.  New Shopping Destinations

ProSh’s shopping destinations and the brands/products available for your shopping orders are likely to change periodically so please do follow our lead.


2.  Special Feature

For lesser-known shopping destinations, a special feature on the brands and items available in such places may also be included for your consideration.


3. Spanish Bella

For the G&G (i.e. guys and the female gays), my Spanish-Bella friend (who is truly Spanish and a real beauty) will also sporadically contribute content to this blog for your viewing (and imagination) pleasure.


4. “Permanent” Shopping Cities/Brands

ProSh will be confirming a “permanent” list of shopping cities and/or brands to cover.

(If you have any specific brands/cities you would like included, please spit it out in our discussion forum!)


Alas, if you are not a wacko and love a good shopping bargain, but still feel that the ProSh service is not enough to interest you, please do let me know how this service can be improved or perhaps what exactly you are looking for because me-the-‘resourceful’ Ms. ProSh may just be able to help YOU!

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A New Beginning

Having what feels like a gazillion hours (yes, I’m probably exaggerating) in the legal profession, I have finally decided the one way to add colour back to my life (and my black-and-white wardrobe) is to be a Professional Shopper (hereinafter referred to as “ProSh”)

This decision was reached after many weeks (yes, I think very slowly) of deliberation and I am proud to declare that this new career satisfies all my criteria:


1. No special skill/talent required – This is paramount for me, and I absolutely (with all sincerity) need to thank my parents and their very-average genes for this.


2. I will still be a professional – This is important to my parents.


3. I finally get to do some good – For the skeptics, I strive to help the fashion-(but also budget)-conscious men/women purchase branded merchandise from USA, various parts of Europe and other parts of the World at significantly lower prices (as compared to the cut-throat prices of the boutiques in Singapore and rest of Asia) so that everyone can (hopefully) donate their savings (and for me, my earnings) towards the less fortunate.


So, here is a toast to myself (along with anyone who may be reading this?) on my new beginning and my new identity.


Ms. ProSh



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