Still on the subject of the Indian beauty, a dear friend of mine has recently started a project to support two very talented young Kurtis designers in India.


As a show of support, I have uploaded the initial pictures of the pieces available for sale. They are real cheap (compared to the Hermes, Chanel, Burberry and other big brands!) so if you are looking to reward yourself with some alternative, high-quality, (VERY) affordable ladies fashion, do drop me an email at ms.prosh@gmail.com.


There are approximately 50 different designs for the Kurtis and more pictures will be posted once they are available.

Type of fabric: High-quality PURE cotton

Sizes: range from 38 (S) to 50 (XXL)

Price: S$25 per piece


Incredible Smile

Before my first trip to India a few months back, a few people were rather keen to share tips on the “dos” and “don’ts” there.  Amongst the advice received, I was warned:


1.            Not to eat any raw food, e.g. salads, cut fruits, juices.


If I want to eat fruits, I should buy them whole and cut them myself.


2.            To only drink bottled water.


A few (they were not paid to act as spokesman) even went further to say that I should only drink “Evian” water.


3.            To only gurgle with bottled water (and not tap water) after brushing my teeth.


When I sneered at this suggestion, this prompted a reminder to do item (4) as well.


4.            To wash my face with bottled water. And close my mouth when I bathe.


I know the above sounds absolutely stupid and over-the-top at first glance, but ‘cautious-me’ could not help complying after the wise gurus who provided the advice correctly predicted – those who fail to abide had to suffer from unstoppable stomach runs or (in serious cases) vomiting and high fever.  


That was the negative and ugly, which is often quick to be highlighted, but I guess there is beauty and the Incredible in India too.    


For me, India’s beauty came through the warm, friendly faces of some helpful Indians I met. Not everyone left good impressions, and those locals who cannot stop talking were especially irritating. But the ‘Incredible Smile’ made the Indian women stunning, even without the adornment of gold jewellery or the draping of colourful saris.


Oh well don’t fret if you are not born with the Incredible Smile. Because Ms Prosh is back to help you with the purchase of any accessories you require to bring out the best in your attire!

Comfort Zone

It’s good to be home, back in my comfort zone.


The past two months have been somewhat hectic with various travels to Europe, the far-east and various parts of India, thus leaving me with little time to update this blog.


But now that I am back, it means it’s time to get back to business.


Bicester Village

Along with La Roca Village, we are bringing another one of the voted “top 9 Chic Outlet Shopping Villages in Europe” to you –  Bicester Village in London !


One of my personal favourites and you can check out the great brands available here.



To bring a little cheer to your May-day(s) blues, we are now taking “special” purchase requests for LONDON.  


It’s special because no international courier fees will be charged for our loyal bargain-hunters in Singapore, and the service fee will just be 10% of the retail price for your purchase.

Last orders by 6 pm (GMT +8) 21 May 2010 (Friday) please!  


In addition please note that for this month, we will stop taking purchase orders for any US brands/products and those from Puerto Rico after 9 pm (GMT +8) 20 May 2010 (Thursday).


So email us at ms.prosh@gmail.com today before your blues snowball.


LRV Looks

Further to my last post, here are picture updates on the outfits/merchandise bought by special agent M at La Roca Village in Barcelona:  
(1A)  Blouse and belt from Dolce & Gabana 
     Skirt from Sita Murt
     Necklace from Hoss Intropia
(1B)  Cardigan from Miss Sixty        
     Skirt from Pedro del Hierro
     Shoes from Escada Sport
     Bag from Lottusse
     Necklaces from Adolfo Domínguez and Espacio de Creadores
(1C)  Blazer from Armand Basi    
     Shirt from Escada Sport
     Trousers from Pedro del Hierro
(1D)  Shirt from Cacharel         
     Skirt from Bimba y Lola
     Belt from diesel
     Bag from Samsonite by Viktor & Rolf
     Shoes from Hugo Boss
(1E)  Coat from Hoss Intropia    
     Blouse from Corso Italia
     Trousers from Comptoir des Cotonniers
     Belt from Escada Sport
     Bag from Bimba y Lola
Pictures can be viewed through the Flickr link (listed under “LRV Looks”) while we try to solve the problem of uploading it directly onto this post.

La Roca Village

Hello dear people, since I have been such a slob at updating this blog, I’m going to make up for it by bringing some irresistible deals all the way from La Roca Village (“LRV”) to you !

LRV, which is located north of Barcelona, offers more than 100 luxury outlet boutiques at jaw-dropping discounts.

Yes, it’s time to get excited because special Agent M (who knows Barcelona like the back of her hand) has been tasked to grab the best steals at your (purchase) order.

The tendency at all the shops in LRV is to offer at least a 50% discount off every normal-priced item available at the city boutiques, although there may be further promotions or additional discounts for the purchases. For a list of all the brands offered at LRV, just follow this lead.

For those who want a quick snap-shot of the discounts offered, see below for what special Agent M discovered last week:

1.            Adolfo Domínguez


(i)            in canvas and leather, straw and leather – €49 and €59

          (ii)           in leather – average of €100

These prices are marked-down by 50% from normal retail prices.

[Even Agent M got one really gorgeous and unusual bag for herself in leather and straw, which is perfect for the summer.]

2.            Pedro del Hierro

Bags in patent leather and bright colors (medium size clutch type) – from €120 to €240  

3.            Samsonite

Suitcases in red and navy blue:

(i)          big ones from €140 to €280  

          (ii)         small ones from €109 to € 214  

4.            Loewe

Bags in assorted leathers, colors and sizes, canvas, etc with a considerable discount of more than €100 per bag. 

P.S. The bags on display are from the (most recent) past season, so all you need to do is view the latest products for the current season and they will be in the outlet once the next season arrives. 

5.            Farrutx

Beautiful bags on average around €200 + (for big ones), and €100 + (for smaller ones)

6.            Custo

All items are at 50% off the prices from the stores in Barcelona and Sitges.


People – The Time to Act is NOW.

(Email ms.prosh@gmail.com with your purchase orders or enquiries today!)